Why "Say Cheese"?

          Of course, I’m no Monty from “Chip ‘n’ Dale” Disney series but I can also exclaim “Cheese!” when I see a piece of good one. If I were allowed to eat only one thing and not to put on weigh, I would choose cheese. Well, I mean, all types of it! I love hard cheeses, like Gouda with its caramel sweetness and Edam with its mellow nuttiness. I adore aged crumbly cheeses, like Pecorino with its fruity, yet robust tang and Parmesan with its distinctive umami flavor (‘the king of cheeses”, no doubt!). I appreciate blue-vein cheeses, like Danablu with its almost metallic taste and Gorgonzola with its slightly pungent aroma. I savor every piece of smooth creamy Brie and Camembert (the rind being the best part – just like an icing on a cake!). I get ecstatic when I bite into a runny melted Mozzarella and finish off my meal with a cheesecake. I can’t think of a better crust on a casserole than sharp-tasting Cheddar and of a better topping for the fresh salad than rich and salty Feta and of a better mousse than that made with sweet Mascarpone (although some other cheeses are also oh so good in desserts like Brie and Maasdam – surprised? I’ll definitely write about it some day).

            I have always been wondering if there is such a profession as a “cheese sommelier”. I would have loved to be one! To study all the varieties thoroughly and to be able to determine the type and ripeness of cheese from one bite – isn’t it exciting?!

            Another reason for giving such a name to my blog is that the phrase “say cheese” is suggestive of photography, isn’t it? Recently I discovered a new passion correlated to the one I had before (food) – taking pictures of the dishes that I cook. Of course, my photos are not of that “glossy magazine” quality but I really try hard to make the food look as great as it tastes. And of course I can’t label myself “food stylist” (sounds too posh, isn’t it?) and, frankly speaking, I don’t want to be one of them: as far as I know, they end up pouring olive oil over brownies to make them look glossy and putting some unbelievable ingredients in the ice-cream to prevent it from melting while they take photos of it.

And the last, but not the least: I want this blog to be very positive – just to reflect my own attitude towards cooking! Indeed, even when I have bad days in the kitchen I try not to lose the spirit and, after analyzing my mistakes and making the conclusions, the following day I return to my bowls and pans with a big and sunny smile on my face, ready to cook my heart out!

Have fun in the kitchen and don’t forget to smile as you cook – it’s the core ingredient of the most delicious dishes!

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