Saturday, March 10, 2012

Toasted Lammyjammit

             When I think of typical Australian dishes, only a great range of desserts comes to my mind: sticky date pudding, light Pavlova, anzac biscuits and lamingtons. The latter ones are actually small cakes coated in toasted coconut; I have heard about them for the first time when I was watching Masterchef two years ago.

         Two months ago, however, as I finally got my “Zumbo” book from Melbourne, I saw an extraordinary variation of a traditional dessert: a big bar cake coated in what seemed to be chocolate coconut. The cocoa coconut and a sleek strip of chocolate on top were so appealing that I couldn’t but decide to make this cake at home!

         Mr Zumbo added one “hidden” element to the interior of his creation: a raspberry jelly! I used fresh strawberries to make this “surprise element” of the dessert and although during the baking the jelly sank on the bottom, it imparted its fruity flavour to the chocolate sponge which was extremely rich and moist (and remained so even after a few days!)

        I should also make a confession of a chocoholic here: I especially loved the chocolate dip in which the cake was put before being coated in coconut. I guess I would be happy to eat a whole bowl of this dip mixed with the leftover chocolate coconut…which I probably did – it is so hard to control yourself when you face such a yummy treat!

The recipe can be found in the book "Zumbo" by Adriano Zumbo

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